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At what point does “waiting it out” no longer make sense? Does my child need to be concerned about their nighttime wetting in order for them to be cured? Does bedwetting affect my child emotionally?

There are better times to begin bedwetting treatment than others. Some factors that may help you to determine when this time is include your child’s temperament, what’s going on in the family, and your child’s motivation as well as their age.

Many parents have been told that their child will grow out of nighttime wetting. It is true that some children do stop wetting on their own; about 15% of children who wet the bed stop without intervention each year. While that is hopeful news, it also means that 85 out of 100 children who wet will continue to do so this time next year if no intervention takes place.

Children with bedwetting may have lower self-esteem. Treatment is beneficial. Research indicates that negative feelings dissipate once bedwetting is cured. Children who have received treatment for nocturnal enuresis have improved scores in social behavior and self-concept. This chapter helps you to determine when the right time is to support your child by putting treatment into place.

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