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STEP 3: Pick the Right Treatment


What is the difference between a supportive and a curative treatment approach? Should my child use the medications such as DDAVP or Ditropan? How do bedwetting alarms work?

The different treatment approaches you will discover fall under two categories: supportive and curative. Supportive interventions help “buy time” until your child stops wetting on their own. Remember that only 15% of children will stop without intervention each year. Most medications fall under the category of supportive therapies.

Curative treatments on the other hand are as the name implies intended to cure the child of bedwetting. Currently the only curative therapies available are bedwetting alarms. Bedwetting alarms help your child achieve nighttime dryness by conditioning him to stop the flow of urine when sleeping. This book is an essential companion when using any bedwetting alarm.

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