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STEP 4: Choosing the Right Alarm


Which alarm best fits my child? Will alarms work for a deep sleeper? Which alarm is recommended for a child with special needs?

Bedwetting alarms are based on classic behavior modification theory, which was first noted with Pavlov’s dogs. Unlike an alarm clock that is set to arbitrarily awaken your child to urinate in the toilet, the bedwetting alarm responds to your child’s biological need to urinate. The alarm senses moisture and makes a noise loud enough to wake them up. Even the deepest sleepers can learn to stop bedwetting with the help of an alarm.

There are several categories of enuresis or bedwetting alarms. Alarms can be wearable, wireless or of the bell-and-pad type. While the alarms all function on the same premise, their designs vary. Every child’s needs are different and there is an alarm to fit every child. You will be able to make an informed decision on which alarm is best for your family after reviewing this chapter.

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