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STEP 5: Prepare Properly


How long will it take for my child to be cured of bed wetting with a bed wetting alarm? What will my involvement as a parent be in the process of using an alarm? How do I keep my keep my child motivated through the treatment process?

Consistent, effective use of your bed wetting alarm is key to your child achieving nighttime dryness. While alarms offer a long-term permanent cure for bed wetting, they do not offer an instantaneous cure. It takes 10 – 12 weeks for the average child to be consistently dry.

It is rare that a child will hear the alarm and walk to the bathroom alone the first night. Such behavior is a learned response, and learning requires parent participation.

The author offers her tips on preparing to use an alarm and how you can support the process. You will learn what the child should wear to bed and whether or not she recommends the use of disposable pants. You will also learn how to prepare the bed so that clean up is easiest when there is nighttime wetting.

The parents, and especially the child’s, motivation to keep up with the treatment process are key. You will find helpful ideas on record-keeping and reward systems. The appendix offers a weekly progress chart you can use to track dryness and cooperation.

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