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STEP 6: Stay the Course


What are the signs of progress? What setbacks can I expect?

Complete dryness takes an average of 10 - 12 weeks, however you will begin to see progress much sooner, perhaps a decrease in the frequency of wetting or smaller urine spots. You may notice a shift in what time your child wets. Generally many children begin by having a large wetting episode a couple of hours after bedtime. Gradually, you will notice that your child’s first wetting episode occurs later in the night as he progresses with the bedwetting alarm. This is good news because the later the wetting episode, the more easily aroused the child will be. And of course consecutive dry nights are a clear indication of progress made.

70-80% of children achieve dryness using a bedwetting alarm alone, but time and consistency improve the outcome.

Also outlined in this chapter are some of the common mistakes made by parents in this process. This includes helpful trouble shooting advice on alarms and tips on restarting a treatment after feeling discouraged in the past.

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